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Our research is where great minds work together. It is challenge-led and impactful, 而且经常需要跨学科的方法来解决hg现金官网这个时代的重大研究挑战:能源转型, social inclusion and cultural diversity, data and artificial intelligence, environment and biodiversity, 和健康, 营养和健康.

These interdisciplinary challenges represent research areas of historic and emerging excellence that are capable of supporting a diverse research portfolio and delivering globally excellent and measurable benefits to society, 经济与健康. Additionally, these challenges reflect the work we do in supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with a range of stakeholders.

Interdisciplinary 研究 Directors


约翰·安德希尔的照片John Underhill是英国博士培训中心(CDT)的学术执行主任,名为GeoNetZero (GNZ).  支持ed by UK 研究 and Innovation (UKRI), the latter is a £5M industry-academic collaboration between 12 Universities and 8 industry partners that is exploring the role of Geoscience for the Low Carbon 能源过渡 and Challenge to meet Net Zero emission targets.

He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Geological Society’s Lyell Medal Silver Medal of the Geological Society’s Energy Group, the Clough Medal of the Edinburgh Geological Society, and European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) Alfred Wegener and Distinguished Lecturer Awards and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) George C. 马特森,格罗弗·E. Murray Distinguished Educator, and Ziad Beydoun awards. 

He was President of the European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers (EAGE) in 2011-12. 约翰曾在爱丁堡大学和赫瑞瓦特大学担任教授职务, where he was their Chief Scientist. John was also a member of the UK Energy Minister's Technology Leadership Board (TLB) and currently populates the UK Exploration Task Force (XTF) and the Scottish Government’s Science Advisory Council (SSAC).

远离学术生活, John was a professional football referee on the FIFA circuit, which saw him officiate on European Champions League, internationals and Scottish Premier League games including those at Pittodrie, 1994 - 2008之间.


“能源转型是hg现金官网面临的最重大的全球挑战之一. 简单地说, how do we ensure the lights remain on, domestic energy supplies continue, and heating needs are met whilst simultaneously decarbonising industry, 运输及其他行业?

“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to join the hg现金官网 as Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for 能源过渡 and lead its efforts to address, 批判性地评估并寻求正确的解决方案,以确保hg现金官网在进行脱碳的同时保持能源供应.

“我认为中心是变革的催化剂,大学可以利用和发展其专门知识, 在整个研究和培训领域进行协作,并与行业合作, Government and other stakeholders in the local, national and international communities.

“Having been pivotal for the energy industry and wealth creation and quality of life that the UK has enjoyed over the past half century, the city of 阿伯丁 and greater north east region is uniquely placed to help shape and deliver the transition that it is required.

“我非常高兴能在这样一所备受尊敬的大学担任这个领导角色, and look forward to working towards the goal of a just, 公平和负担得起的转型,在实现净零排放目标的过程中保护就业和生计.”

Eleonora Belfiore -社会包容和文化多样性跨学科中心主任

Eleonora Belfiore照片Eleonora Belfiore joins 阿伯丁 from Loughborough University, where she was Professor of Communication and Media Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for 研究 in Communication and Culture, having previously been Reader in Cultural 政策 Studies at Warwick University. She has published extensively on cultural politics and policy, 尤其是艺术的“社会影响”概念在英国文化政策话语中的地位.

She is one of the world leading scholars in cultural value research, 2013-5年担任华威未来文化价值研究委员会联席主任。, and co-author of its influential final report, 英国:浓缩的文化, 创造力和增长, 2015年2月出版. 对于帕尔格雷夫, she edits the book series New Directions in Cultural 政策 研究, which has published 16 volumes to date, and she is Co-Editor in Chief journal Cultural Trends.

Eleonora is developing new research on the labour conditions of socially engaged arts practice supported by a British Academy/Leverhulme grant. 她也是一个由Danida资助的加纳创意产业和发展项目的联合调查员, the Danish International Development Agency. Eleonora is committed to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in Higher Education, 她是学术界女性支持网络的创始成员之一, a trans-inclusive and intersectional charity that brings together over 12,000 women and non-binary members from across the world to support one another and pushes for gender parity and more equitable working conditions in Higher Education.


“I am absolutely thrilled to join the hg现金官网 at such an exciting point in the development of its new research vision and strategy.

“The establishment of five ambitious, 跨学科研究中心来应对世界面临的巨大挑战, hg现金官网的气候, 随着hg现金官网开始慢慢摆脱一场长期流行病,hg现金官网的经济和社会是一个大胆而重要的举措.

“I feel privileged to be part of this vision, 并领导社会包容和文化多样性跨学科中心, 与大学同事合作,发掘艺术的潜力, Humanities and Social Sciences to lead to progressive change in our society.

“As a scholar passionate about the connection between culture, 社会与公共政策, 中心对包容和多样性的关注与推动我至今工作的价值观是完美匹配的.

“我期待有机会将中心定位为国际认可的跨学科中心, 致力于与当地合作创造社会变革的联合生产和面向社会的研究, national and international partners.”

Georgios Leontidis -数据和人工智能跨学科中心主任

乔治斯·莱昂蒂迪斯的照片Georgios是一位TEDx演讲者, 他是一名工程师和计算机科学家,拥有机器学习的硕士和博士学位. He joined the hg现金官网 in March 2020, 他在林肯大学计算机科学学院学习了几年. While at Lincoln he held several internal roles and positions and played an instrumental role in enhancing the reputation of the School and expanding the Machine 学习 研究 Group, via attracting prestigious grants and studentships. Georgios还曾在德国IBA dose GmbH担任高级数据科学家. 

十多年来,Georgios一直在机器学习的基础元素方面开展世界领先的活动, being active in the international community both as an author and senior programme committee for flagship AI venues including NeurIPS, AAAI和IJCAI.  Alongside his core discipline research activities on deep learning, 胶囊神经网络, 领域适应气候变化, and self-supervised learning, Georgios一直在进行跨多个跨学科应用的前沿研究, such as agri-food on soft-fruit yield forecasting, 数据共享, and supply chain optimisation, nuclear reactor perturbation analysis and anomaly detection, 燃气轮机的可用性, 医学图像分析, intelligent refrigeration systems optimisation, environmental data imputation, 计算机视觉, 等, all of which have received funding from several sources including EPSRC, NERC, EU-FP7, EU-H2020, 英国创新, 和行业. 

A member of the Full Peer Review College of EPSRC, and a Panel College member of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellow, Georgios was invited and participated in AI workshops organised by UKRI as part of its AI review exercise and was a member of the UK AI council’s 数据共享 working group. He recently co-organised with SICSA a pan-Scotland AI all-hands event and has been supporting several aspects of the development of Scotland’s AI playbook. He is currently a Senior Expert with the NERC Constructing a Digital Environment Expert Network and his recent TEDx talk focused on how Data & AI can help our sustainable future.


“Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are uniquely placed to provide solutions to complex societal challenges requiring interdisciplinary approaches spanning multiple disciplines – from computer science and engineering, 社会科学, 心理学, 业务, 医疗和教育. 

“发展中表现良好, 公平, 具有合理治理结构和适当政策框架的可靠和网络安全的人工智能系统, while dealing with vast amount of multimodal data, remains an open and multi-faceted challenge that is highly underestimated. 

“Through its 阿伯丁2040 strategy, the University is well placed to use its remarkable amount of academic expertise working across various areas of AI to play a major role in responding to societal challenges with effective solutions, and to supporting national AI strategies. 

“Establishing the University as a world-leading Data & AI research and innovation hub requires a collective, transparent and participatory approach, 我的首要任务是为积极的跨学科研究创造一个充满活力和支持性的环境.  我鼓励大学的学术和专业服务人员积极参与hg现金官网的活动.”

珍nie Macdiarmid -卫生、营养和福利跨学科中心主任

珍妮·麦克迪米德的照片聂gained a BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Food Science degree from the University of Surrey and went on to complete a PhD in 心理学 and dietary habits at the University of Leeds. After her PhD she worked for the International Obesity Task Force before joining The Rowett Institute at the hg现金官网.

While at the Rowett she conducted research on public health nutrition and policy before going on to develop a new interdisciplinary area of research, 将营养和气候变化结合起来,了解低温室气体排放的健康饮食原则.

She published the first paper in this area, which stimulated the debate among governments, 行业和非政府组织. In 2017 she was awarded a chair in Sustainable Nutrition and Health. Throughout her career she has worked across disciplines and in recognition of her work in 2021 she was awarded the Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary 研究.


“我对我的新职位——跨学科卫生中心主任感到非常兴奋, 营养和健康.

“Many of the greatest challenges facing the world today need multiple disciplines to work together to find solutions and the centre can support this type of research. My aim is to help create new, 以及现有的支持, interdisciplinary projects and introduce it into teaching across the University.

“Working together with the directors of the other interdisciplinary centres we will stimulate new exciting collaborations and help train the next generation of researcher in interdisciplinary approaches to address important questions.”